• What are the focus areas of The Parker Foundation?

    The Parker Foundation focuses on four areas: Life Sciences, Global Public Health, Civic Engagement and the Arts. We only work in areas where we have unique insight – where we feel we have something valuable to bring to the table. The focus on these four areas builds on Sean’s philanthropic efforts over the last ten years.

  • Does the Parker Foundation accept grant proposals?

    No, the Parker Foundation does not accept unsolicited grant proposals.

  • How does The Parker Foundation decide what projects to fund?

    We only target very big specific problems that are “tip-able,” where we see a path to victory and where we can make a catalytic impact. We try to choose the right problems, move quickly and spend big to solve them, leveraging the support of meaningful partnerships with other leaders so that our impact will be lasting.

  • Is the Parker Foundation accepting job applications?

    We do not have open positions at this time.