“Entrepreneurs turned philanthropists should stick to the principles that made them successful: make big bets, fail fast, learn from their mistakes.”

— Sean Parker

We have the minds and technologies to address the economic and environmental challenges of our time but we must rethink current philanthropic efforts – from planning to funding to execution. We must engage in more aggressive endeavors to achieve breakthroughs and solve problems permanently.

That’s the idea behind The Parker Foundation.

The Parker Foundation will only work in areas where we have unique insight – where we have something valuable to bring to the table. We will target very big specific problems that are “tip-able,” where there is a path to victory and where we can make a catalytic impact. We will pursue complete solutions by acting as a bridge between the need for philanthropic investment, public policy expertise, science and technology, and all other capabilities to achieve our goals.

Our projects may take years or even decades but they will be achievable in our lifetime.

Who We Work With

The Parker Foundation is committed to working with leading organizations in our focus areas and we will continually seek partners who share our determination to effect large-scale change.

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