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Brigade Media

Brigade Media

The Opportunity

American democracy today faces profound challenges. Many Americans have become disillusioned with politics, as they have lost faith in the political system to solve the big problems that affect their lives on a daily basis. The internet offers new tools and possibilities for reversing this trend. It can enable citizens to come together and organize, in order to have a meaningful impact on the issues that they most care about. It can empower citizens to engage with their elected officials and help shape policies they care about. Change happens when people come together, organize, share information, and take collective action, and social networks can enable this change.

The Initiative

Brigade is a network that connects people around the political issues they care about, and makes civic engagement and political participation a part of people’s everyday lives. It brings people together to declare their beliefs and values, get organized with like-minded people, and take action, directly influencing the policies and the representatives that affect the issues they care about. It lets people connect, hold each other accountable, and measure the impact they’re having.  Brigade’s platform builds better tools for political participation, the cornerstone of robust democracy. The Parker Foundation works with Brigade on issues of civic engagement and increased political participation.


Matthew Mahan
  • CEO, Brigade
James Windon
  • President, Brigade